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Seek Counseling offers a full continuum of addiction care including Brooklyn individual therapy for substance use disorder. Some think that addiction recovery is just about getting detoxed from alcohol or drugs. However, the truth is that full recovery is a journey that includes many different phases, therapies, and behavior changes. Several forms of therapy happen throughout the recovery process to help clients to curb their cravings, prevent relapses, and maintain a clean and sober lifestyle. One-on-one therapy is one of the most recognizable and essential elements of traditional addiction treatment. It is also universally integrated with most other treatment modalities.

Recovery from substance use disorder is so much more than detoxification. While this preliminary phase focuses on the physical withdrawal and cravings, talk therapy addresses the behavioral aspects of recovery. Also, since substances are repetitively used to self-medicate, there are typically a lot of feelings and emotions to explore. One-on-one therapy helps clients address their behavioral health problems. Individual therapy is also essential to help avoid relapse. There are so many social settings or psychological problems that can play a role in causing a relapse. Individual therapy can deal with many of dangerous triggers.

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Individual Therapy Includes ALL Mental Health Disorders

Co-Occurring disorder treatment: To accurately diagnose and effectively treat the co-occurring conditions for substance use recovery to be successful. Typically, depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, and trauma are common in substance abusers

Cognitive-behavioral therapy: CBT reverses the negative thought patterns that feed addiction, CBT can help you develop a more positive view. ·

Dialectical behavioral therapy: DBT teaches mindfulness and emotional regulation that can help you cope with difficult circumstances. ·

Motivational Interviewing: MI is a collaborative and objective-oriented therapy system for improving motivation and dedication to a certain goal. Collectively, the therapist (interviewer) and client use justifications for change led by the client to address hesitancy and turn the desired objective into reality.

Trauma Informed Therapy: Trauma therapy talks to clients from a position of respect— for them as individuals and their courage. Clients are counseled to collaborate in their treatment plan and be forthcoming. In this way, clients have a chance to free themselves from their emotional strife. It also helps generate a new state of reality and self-worth.

Moral Reconation Therapy (MRT): Moral reconation therapy was designed to treat substance-abusing offenders from a cognitive behavioral perspective. MRT’s goal is to effectively change how persons with a substance use problem makes decisions and helps them develop moral reasoning skills. MRT lasts for a minimum of 12 sessions, but a patient’s length of participation is based on their compliance and level of engagement.

Relapse Prevention Skills: While relapse is an accepted part of recovery, it is more dangerous today with Fentanyl dominating the illegal drug trade. Most clients want to remain sober after completing detox and addiction treatment. However, withdrawal symptoms and intense cravings can make seem unattainable.

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Whether you’re struggling with alcohol, opioids, or prescription drugs, Seek Counseling is here to help. Our comprehensive, evidence-based approach to substance use disorder is supported by integrated behavioral therapy as part of a whole person approach.

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