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Brooklyn Family Therapy for SUD

Substance use disorder is a family disease that is driven by secrecy and shame. Our Brooklyn family therapy helps patients to learn the underlying cause of their addiction and begin to restore trusted bonds with family members are some. Most in recovery learned that that their addictions are interconnected with their family. In fact, when a person has chronic, untreated alcoholism or drug addiction, ties to family and friends begin to evaporate. At Seek Counseling, our therapists collaborate with each patient and their family to heal wounds, let go of resentments, and establish a new path forward – a clean slate!

When a loved is addicted to drugs or alcohol, parents or siblings often become prey to lies and deception. While substance disorder may create brain unevenness and behavior changes, family typically react harshly to the circumstances without thinking through symptoms and signals of dependency. At the same time, healing cannot take place until recovery has begun. In our Brooklyn family therapy program, families join in private group sessions, get individual therapy, and participate in continuing care.

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Family Therapy is Essential for Recovery

In our Brooklyn family therapy program, loved ones share their feelings about the client’s alcohol or drug use and associated behavioral problems. When this happens, old behaviors are uncovered, and a new trust can be built. Family therapy is similar to group therapy. The sessions are conducted by our therapist, and all family members are encouraged to join and take part in their family’s healing. At this point, resentments come to light in a significant way so recovery can become the group’s focus. Our Brooklyn addiction therapists provide vital recovery support and adjacent problems associated with addiction including:

  • Co-occurring disorders
  • Family illness
  • Financial problems
  • Sibling rivalry
  • Infidelity
  • Divorce
  • Child custody

Substance Use Help in Brooklyn

Whether You’re Struggling With Alcohol, Opioids, Or Prescription Drugs, Seek Counseling Is Here To Help. Our Comprehensive, Evidence-Based Approach To Substance Use Disorder Is Supported By Integrated Behavioral Therapy As Part Of A Whole Person Approach.

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