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Brooklyn Group Therapy 

Group therapy is the most common of all addiction treatment modalities and our Brooklyn group therapy is a vital element for our patients.  However, some patients start with fear and embarrassment. This is completely normal, and our therapists understand how courageous it is to speak candidly about your addiction and the harm it has caused in your life.

Seek Counseling is a place of hope and healing for you and your peers. In group, you’ll quickly identify with your peers and support each other’s recovery journey. Through it all, group therapy creates the opening to be honest so you can successfully recover from alcohol or drug addiction.

Initially, the other group peers will be strangers, but rapidly you’ll begin to see them as friends as you come to recognize recovery is a team sport! These are normal feelings and it’s important to feel comfortable during any therapy session. However, all the other patients feel the same at first. Everyone is sharing and relating the same concerns. The key lies in revealing your story. Here, you’ll begin to understand the origins of your alcohol or drug addiction and how to correct them.

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Benefits of Group Therapy                              

Group therapy is an important therapy in substance use disorder care. It’s also shown to be an effective method for encouraging growth and change. This social therapy provides a chance for patients to disclose their substance use stories. At the same time, the other group members share their own stories to relate to yours. As a result, patients increase a better comprehension of their addiction and set objectives for their own recovery.

The advantages of group therapy include:

  • Vital peer support in early recovery
  • Peer motivation
  • Humanizes recovery
  • Teaches mindfulness
  • Invites diversity
  • Develops trust

Small groups of 10-12 patients meet and discuss their challenges or a particular topic. Group therapy in our Brooklyn treatment center is integrated with one-on-one therapy. Group support is also important for success in treatment, and group therapy provides confidence when others are behind you all-the-way.

Group Therapy in Bay Ridge

Addiction is largely known as being a lonely disease. However, group therapy is the exact opposite. Group provides instant support, fellowship, and compassion. Giving and receiving encouragement from others with related substance use problems is one of the fastest ways of feeling relief and understanding that a brighter future lies ahead.

At first, it may be difficult to see the solution to your problem because you’re in the middle of it. However, in relating your addiction stories in a group, you’ll receive relevant guidance and support in our private, safe Brooklyn treatment program.

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Whether you’re struggling with alcohol, opioids, or prescription drugs, Seek Counseling is here to help. Our comprehensive, evidence-based approach to substance use disorder is supported by integrated behavioral therapy as part of a whole person approach.

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