Benefits of Drug Court

January 17, 2024

Benefits of Drug Court in Brooklyn

Getting charged with any crime is universally embarrassing and frightening. Whether it’s a DWI or drug possession arrest, the future feels immediately uncertain, and you are directly responsible for your actions. And while our justice system may appear punitive, the approach is to help people beyond their shortcomings while being accountable for misdeeds. Drug courts personify ideal and go the extra mile to ensure each person charged with non-violent offenses be given the opportunity to make their offense right by getting help and finding recovery. Typically, defendants plead their cases to be transferred to drug court where conditions are set to meet obligations of the court in exchange for the charges to be dismissed or nullified. In most cases, each defendant is court-ordered to get immediate substance use treatment and remain in some form of addiction treatment for about one year.

During this period, drug court participants go to detox, residential, and outpatient care. They may return to work after any inpatient care, and flexible treatment programs are available for transition into daily life. In drug court, there are no financial barriers for immediate addiction treatment for those without health insurance or money to pay.

Brooklyn Drug Court is Here to Help

Whether you are a first-time offender or continue to relapse, The NYC Drug Court system was established to help those with substance use problems gain the treatment that they need. While the system is designed to assist, rather than immediate punitive measures, substance use cases for non-violent misdemeanors is not a "free" pass. It is an opportunity to change your thinking, behaviors while providing support to prevent dangerous relapse. However, failure to adhere to and successfully complete court ordered treatment and curriculum typically reinstates the substance use charges against you.

  • Instant access to substance addiction treatment.
  • Court diversion track resulting in case dismissal.
  • Felony track resulting in probation for most who complete the program.
  • Revised sentencing agreement that allows eligible defendant with a felony charge to be convicted of a misdemeanor at program completion.
  • Appointed case manager.
  • Gender specific treatment.
  • Immersive behavioral therapies.
  • Medically assisted treatment (MAT).
  • Co-occurring disorder care.
  • Employment, education, and social service referrals.

Brooklyn Treatment Court Classes

The Brooklyn Treatment Court developed out of the reality that criminal behavior in people with an addiction problem predictably occur from drug craving dependency, not pure criminal intent.

The BTT’s goal is to better the lives of Brooklyn residents undergoing addiction and drug-related crimes. Over the years, the Brooklyn Treatment Court has extended its services to help specialized populations through dedicated tracks like co-occurring disorders and ongoing medication assisted treatment. If you’re required to attend treatment court classes, you can admit and successfully satisfy your court requirements at our Brooklyn outpatient program on 77th Street in Bay Ridge.

About Seek Counseling Brooklyn

Seek Counseling in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn provides outpatient addiction treatment services for the community. We offer evidence-based behavioral health therapy and medication assisted treatment. Seek is a partner / patient advocate for the Brooklyn Drug Court and DWI Court. We accept NY Medicaid.


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